Pistol Opera

IMDB: 6.4/10 1,070 votes

Durata: 112 min


Anno: 27 Oct 2001


Premi: 1 win.

Stato: Released

Paese: Japan


If ever a sequel could be called belated, Seijun Suzuki’s Pistol Opera would fit the bill. More than three decades after the fact, the legendary filmmaker returns to what is widely regarded as his masterpiece: Branded To Kill. A rush job it certainly wasn’t then, but can the film live up to the towering legacy of its illustrious predecessor, especially with a now 78-year old director who hasn’t been at the helm of a film in almost ten years?
Echoing Branded’s plot, Pistol Opera revolves around number 3 killer Miyuki Minazuki, nicknamed “Stray


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